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Mother Augustine Incubation Center


  • Dr. Arul Rayyappan, Director

  • Rev.Dr.Vanitha Jaya Rani, Administrator


  • Mrs. J. Margret Premalatha, Asst., Prof of CS

  • Mrs. M. Jamuna Rani, Asst., Prof of CS

  • Sr. I. Saleth Mary, Asst., Prof of CS

  • Ms. A. Nancy Pritha, Asst., Prof of CS

  • Mrs. B. Kohila, Asst., Prof of CS

  • Mrs. S. Udhaya Shanthi, Asst., Prof of CS

On January 6 ,2023, the inauguration of the incubation center took place with the esteemed presence of Dr.Vaidehi Vijayakumar, the Honorable Vice Chancellor of Mother Teresa Women's University, Kodaikanal. The center was officially named the "Mother Augustine Incubation Center," and Reverend Sister Arul Devi, the Secretary of our college, delivered the presidential address. During the ceremony, an MoU was signed by Reverend Dr.Sister Mary Pramila Santhi, the Principal of our college, and Mr.Madhavan JV, the Director of ROCKG Micro Technology, to establish a company on campus.The inauguration of the Mother Augustine Incubation Center saw active participation from our college's Vice Principals, faculty members, and students.

Dr.Arul Rayappan serves as the Director of the Mother Augustine Incubation Center, while Reverend Dr. Sister Vanitha Jaya Rani, the Head of the Department of English, takes on the role of Administrator. Additionally, a team of six faculty members from the Department of Computer Science has been formed to facilitate staff training. On the same day, a dedicated room for the Incubation Center was inaugurated, equipped with six computers for online staff training purposes.


The vision of the Mother Augustine Incubation Center is to establish a campus company that can provide our students with training in cutting-edge technologies, equipping them to be industry-ready.


  • i. To provide relevant staff training and student education aligned with industry needs.

  • ii. To familiarize students with industrial processes through internships.

  • iii. To support student projects by offering industrial consultancy.

  • iv. To enrich students' knowledge through Expert Committees by delivering informative lectures.

  • v. To facilitate implant training and industrial visits for students.