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  • 1. Mrs. I. Suganya Vinnarasi

Roles and Responsibilities

The college-level NSS unit serves as the fundamental entity in NSS.

  • i. The NSS Centre maintains communication with the community, administration, student volunteers, and Programme Officers primarily through this unit.

  • ii. The organization and management of the NSS unit hold critical significance.

  • iii. Colleges are assigned NSS units based on their student population, with each unit comprising 100 active NSS volunteers.

  • iv. NSS volunteers are enrolled from among first, second, and third-year degree-class students within the college.

  • v. Encouraging foreign students studying in Indian universities to join NSS is also important, as it allows them to partake in the experience of national reconstruction and community engagement.


  • Mrs. M. Senthamilselvi

The Indian Red Cross Society is dedicated to the continuous promotion, encouragement, and initiation of humanitarian endeavors with the ultimate goal of minimizing, alleviating, and even preventing human suffering. By doing so, it strives to foster a more hospitable environment conducive to peace. Specifically, the Indian Red Cross Society aims to:

  • i. Conduct social and health awareness programs.

  • ii. Raise awareness about personal and communal health care.

  • iii. Inspire students to extend their humanitarian services to society.

  • iv. Provide First Aid Training to all YRC volunteers.

  • v. Cultivate leadership qualities among students.

  • vi. Promote the understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities, motivating individuals to act with humanitarian concern.

  • vii. Instill in the youth of our nation an understanding of civic and human responsibilities.

Additionally, the Indian Red Cross Society plans to conduct regular YRC activities, including:

  • viii. Organizing Blood Donation Camps.

  • ix. Facilitating Blood Grouping and Haemoglobin Estimation.

  • x. Holding Essay competitions and awarding prizes.

  • xi. Promoting healthy habits and practices.

  • xii. Hosting film shows and cultural programs with a focus on disease prevention.


  • Mrs. P. Sumathy

The coordinator’s role is to actively engage students in the fight against HIV/AIDS, empower them as peer educators and change agents by developing essential skills in leadership, negotiation, and team building, and provide guidance on various preventive measures for their well-being. The coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • i. Inspiring students to embrace the values of the RRC (Red Ribbon Club).

  • ii. Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness to contribute towards achieving a HIV/AIDS-free India by educating students, non-student youth, and the public about the transmission and causes of HIV/AIDS.

  • iii. Organizing college-level competitions such as Elocution, Essay Writing, and E-Quiz.

  • iv. Advocating for voluntary blood donation camps among young people.

  • v. Regularly conducting programs addressing gender issues to enhance students’ awareness and sensitivity to such social matters.

  • vi. Creating awareness about health-related issues by collaborating with the Primary Health Center to organize informative programs.

  • vii. Inviting female physicians and counselors to deliver talks on health-related topics.