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The Vallan hostel started to function from 2007 along with the college. The hostel has its own rules and regulations and is supervised by the Director. The hostel is meant to help the students to study better in a peaceful atmosphere and to build up healthy relationships among students to make them stand in good stead in the future. Students should involve themselves in the recreational and cultural activities of the hostel to enjoy their stay there. Students who do not attend classes regularly and have too many arrears will not be allowed to remain in the hostel. The hostel is "a home away from home" and every student in the hostel should strive to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony and goodwill in the hostel.

Admission into the college is not an automatic guarantee for admission to the hostel. A separate application is to be submitted to the Director of the hostel for this purpose.



Only those persons having a visitor card signed by the father or guardian are permitted to see the student on the visiting day.

  • Visitor's time is from 9.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m on visiting Sundays.

  • On visitor's day outing will be permitted only with the parents. The visitors card has to be kept only with the parents.

  • Students are not allowed to meet others' visitors.

  • Those who are not able to come on visiting Sundays on a regular basis have to give it in writing during admission time, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  • No student will be allowed to go home alone on visitors day even if they are from local places like Thamaraipadi, Mullipadi, Vadamadurai etc.,

  • No visitors are allowed on the days prior to the Examination or during examinations.

Visitors-Week Days

Student will neither be allowed to go home for their Birthday nor for shopping during week days. If the parents want to handover anything urgently they can do between 9.00 a.m and 11.00 to the phone receptionist.

Home Visit

Only when the authority announces that they can go home, they are allowed to go for a short vacation.

Health Record

  • If the physician disqualifies a candidate on health grounds, she will not be admitted/will be terminated from the hostel.

  • All the ailments will be treated locally.

  • It is the duty of the parents to share with the warden all the previous medical record of the student.

  • It will be considered highly irresponsible if they hide things from the warden. When we come to know about the lack of integrity the girl will be terminated from the hostel.

If the parents insist that the girl should treated only by the family doctor for ordinary ailments she is liable to be terminated from the hostel.


Students are not allowed to use cell phones.

Health Record

  • Any longer leave requires, the prior permission of the principal is needed.

  • Ragging is strictly forbidden. Those who get involved will be terminated from the hostel.

  • When a parent signs the alone card/group card, he/she is responsible for the safety of the girl.

  • In serious misconduct, the hostel committee's decision will be final.

  • In view of family tour, parents should not make use of the working days.

  • One who has got engaged/Married will not be admitted in the hostel.


Sr.Elpit, CIC
Warden, Valan Hostel,
Amala Annai Nagar,

Sub - Warden

Sr.Saleth Mary
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
Sub - Warden, Valan Hostel, Amala Annai Nagar,
Thamaraipadi, Dindigul.