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AREA (Antony’s Rural Entrepreneurial Activities)

  • Mrs. N. Shanthi, Convenor


  • Mr S. Manuneethi Cholan, Extension Advisor

  • Mrs. Kandresia Michaeline, Consultant

  • Mrs. J. Rohini, Co-convenor

  • Mrs. I. Suganya Vinnarasi

  • Dr. N. Megalai

AREA, the Extension Wing of St. Antony’s College, was founded in November 2021 with a primary mission to uplift rural women and elevate their socio- economic status through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Coordinator’s role and responsibilities are to

  • i. Conduct household surveys in the adopted village to assess the specific needs of women.

  • ii. Organize tailored training programs aligned with their requirements.

  • iii. Empower them to achieve economic independence through Entrepreneurial Activities.

  • iv. Facilitate various entrepreneurial ventures that enable income generation.

  • v. Host awareness programs on social responsibilities.

  • vi. Raise awareness among women about pertinent social issues.

  • vii. Coordinate training sessions in areas such as Mushroom Cultivation and homemade products to equip them with self-employment skills.