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Student Council

  • Dr. S. Sivaranjani, Coordinator & Physics

  • Mrs. M. Waheeda Banu, Co-convener & Commerce

  • Mrs. J. Usha, Mathematics

  • Dr. S. Nazareth Nisha, Zoology

  • Mrs. B. Sinthiya, English

Duties & Responsibilities

The Student Council Coordinator plays a crucial role in assisting student leaders with event planning, decision-making, and representing their peers. This role is vital for nurturing students’ leadership skills and supporting their contributions to the school. The coordinator is expected to:

  • i. Serve as a liason between the management and the student community to contribute to the college’s development.

  • ii. Formulate Rules and Regulations for students under the direction of the principal.

  • iii. Enhance event planning strategies.

  • iv. Mentor students in democratic decision-making and fostering good decision-making skills.

  • v. Regularly monitor students’ adherence to the dress code.

  • vi. Assist in maintaining a clean campus environment.

  • vii. Organize weekly meetings with class representatives to identify and address student issues both on and off-campus.

  • viii. Coordinate various government-related competitions.

  • ix. Promote, organize, and oversee college events.

  • x. Encourage student leadership by motivating their participation in events within and outside the college.

  • xi. Foster teamwork and collaboration with all college departments.

Office-bearers of Students Council

  • M. Dhatchini, III B.Sc. Chemistry - President

  • P. Monisha, II B.Sc. Chemistry - Vice President

  • N. Priyadharshini, I M.Sc. Computer Science - Secretary

  • S. Malarvizhi, I B. Com - Joint Secretary

  • S. Rajeswari, II M. Com - Treasurer

Council for College Ethics

  • M. Maryam Rumana, III B.Com. (CA) - Monitor

  • J. Abirami. I M.Com. (CA) - Customs

  • B. Angelin Gillaspiya, II BCA - Etiquette

  • M. Bindiya, I B. Com - Decorum

  • P. S. Latha Mangesh Kala, II M.Sc. Chemistry - Amenities

The college upholds a set of ethical principles that guide the behavior of its students. The students are encouraged to embrace these ethics wholeheartedly. In cases where students deviate from these principles, appropriate counseling and guidance are provided. To reinforce the importance of ethical conduct among peers, the College has introduced the Council for College Ethics (CCE), which operates as a subcommittee under the College Student’s Council. In 2022, our college students established the Council for College Ethics with the aim of fostering a sense of personal honor and integrity. This initiative grants each student certain privileges while also safeguarding their fundamental rights. The College Ethics Council serves as an advisory body responsible for evaluating and recommending policies, standards, programs, research, and educational initiatives related to the college’s ethical values, culture, and decision- making practices. The council collaborates with various committees to promote the core values of Penn State, including Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, Excellence, and Community. The Ethics Council represents a significant partnership between students and adults, aimed at promoting academic integrity within our college community.


  • i. Discipline plays a vital role in personal development. Our college strives to create an environment that encourages self-discipline, both within the library and on campus. Instances of serious indiscipline will be addressed by the Monitor in consultation with the faculty in charge.

  • ii. The council’s records, including files, are maintained and collaborates closely with the students’ council’s Secretary.

  • iii. Demonstrating care and respect for shared facilities and utilities is a fundamental aspect of social responsibility. Accordingly, any deliberate damage to campus property is the responsibility of those involved, and it also ensures the cleanliness of the campus, library books, and adherence to college schedules.

  • iv. A dress code serves to instill professionalism and a sense of uniformity. A professional appearance fosters self-confidence and cultivates an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

  • v. It is responsible for managing funds designated for the purchase of provisions and amenities, along with handling student-related financial matters.