UG ADMISSION 2023-24 D - Day | 30-11-2023


Name and Department

Rules and Regulations - Library

In order to facilitate the better use of the library by all, the following rules are framed and are to be observed by all.

  • Each student will be given two cards to borrow books from the library.

  • On class days the library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm; and on Saturdays from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

  • The library will be kept closed on all Sundays, Government holidays and summer vacation.

  • Books will be issued only on presentation of the borrower's identity card. These cards will be supplied to the students at the beginning of the academic year. In case the card is lost, the librarian should be informed of the fact at once, failing which the owner of the card will be held responsible for the books issued on presentation of that card by another.

  • On receipt of a book, the student should examine it and report at once to the library assistant of any damage so far unaccounted for in the book. If the student fails to do so, he will be held responsible for such damage when it is subsequently detected by the library assistant.

  • Writing in the margin of a library book or underlining is strictly forbidden. If the book is badly damaged, the students will have to replace it at her cost.

  • The book should be returned on or before the due date marked on the book. Failure to return the books on time will entail a one of Rs.2 per book per day. No books will be issued to the student until all dues are cleared.

  • Amember of the library who returns a book should get back her library card at the same time. So as long as the library card is in the possession of the library assistant, the member will be held responsible for the safety and the good condition of the book.

  • No member is allowed to pass on the library books to any one in or out of the college. If she does so, she will be suspended from membership of the library or ned as the case may call for.

  • Students are allowed to take two books or two volumes of one book at a time for home reading.

  • Reference books should be read in the library reading room only and must not be taken out. After use, they must be returned to the library assistant in person.

  • Strict silence should be kept in the reading room of the library. Discussions should be kept outside the library.

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