UG ADMISSION 2023-24 D - Day | 30-11-2023

Uniqueness of the College

The motto is to educate, to enlighten and to empower and the college strenuously works towards its goal.

To Educate

  • The students are given Bridge courses, Orientation and Awareness programs in each Semester.

  • Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops are arranged inside the campus to explore their subject.

  • They are also encouraged to participate in various events such as paper presentation, workshop/ Conferences/ Seminars, Culturals and competitions outside the college. The winners are appreciated in the assembly to motivate others to extend their participation.

To Enlighten

  • Moral and catechism classes are conducted for the students to develop their moral and spiritual well-being.

  • Once in a year the students are taken on pilgrimage to St.Antony's shrine Marambadi. Irrespective of religion, students are willingly and actively participating every year from 2015. Pilgrimage means not only to visit a place to admire the nature, art and History but really means to step out of ourselves in order to encounter with God where He has revealed Himself and His grace. It also strengthens their physical and mental health.

To Empower

  • Students are trained in their skills to make them employable in the future. These skill development programs are held for all the students according to their year of study in the college.

  • The first year students are given English (Lingua Franca) and Computer skill development programs.

  • The second year students are given programs such as Typewriting, Tally, Beautician, Tailoring and Hindi.

  • The third year students are trained to face competitive exams and are taught small scale business like candle making, LED light, soap, phenoyl etc.

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