UG ADMISSION 2023-24 D - Day | 30-11-2023

Rules and Regulations


  • Every student has to pay the whole fees prescribed for each semester on or before the last date stipulated; failing which her name will be automatically removed from the rolls.

  • The whole amount of the first semester fees must be paid by a new student before her name is enrolled and this amount will not be refunded.

  • If a student leaves the college during the semester, she shall have no right to claim remission of any portion of the semester fee; rather she has to pay the entire course fee.

  • Every student has to pay the semester examination fee prescribed by the university to the university account.

Class Timings

  • Each semester consists of 90 working days excluding the semester examination days. These 90 days are divided into 15 cycles, each cycle consisting of 6 day orders namely A, B, C, D, E and F.

  • Every working day is divided into two sessions, the morning session is from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm and the evening session is from 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm on all days.

  • The first warning bell for classes is rung five minutes before the commencement of the morning and evening sessions and the second bell at the hour fixed for the commencement of the class. A bell will be rung at the end of each period.

  • At the first warning bell before each session, students shall go to their respective classes and take their seats so as to be present when the professor enters. Standing around in groups outside the class or in the verandahs till the second bell rings, should be avoided.

  • Between periods, students should not be loitering around the campus. If they need to drink water or go to the toilet, it should be done quickly; if they have to change rooms, they should move fast.


  • Regularity in daily attendance at all classes is insisted upon in this college.

  • No one shall absent herself from classes without prior notification.

  • The staff members shall take attendance in the morning and evening at the beginning of each period.

  • A student who is not present in the class while taking the attendance shall be marked absent. If a student absents herself even for one hour, she shall lose attendance for that session.

  • Late-comers will not be admitted to the class rooms without an admission bill from the principal. No admission will be given to a student who is more than 10 minutes late.

  • The attendance of each student will be totaled at the end of the semester. Periodic intimation will be sent to the parent or guardian of the student for information and suitable action.

Leave of Absence

  • A student requiring leave must apply for it in writing in the application form in advance, to the principal in person. The application must state the reason clearly and be signed by the student and countersigned by the staff / parent / guardian / hostel director. In case of illness, the absentees shall submit a medical certificate, if the absence lasts for three days or more.

  • If the student is absent without leave, her absence will immediately be reported to her parents or to her warden and disciplinary action such as fining, suspension, etc., will be taken. Absence for 10 successive days will entail removal of the student from the college rolls.

  • Students who have to leave class during a session for any serious reason must do so only after obtaining permission from the Principal.

Leave on other Duty

Those students, who represent the college to participate in various competitions, are given credit of attendance for the period. They should fill in the proper forms and get the countersign of the Professor-in-charge and submit it to the Principal before they leave the college for participation in other programmes. Those who fail to do so will lose the credit and will be considered as absentees.


Any student, past or present, wishing to obtain a transfer or conduct certificate, must supply to the college office in the prescribed format. Certificates will not generally be issued at less than 48 hours notice. No certificate will be posted unless a stamped self-addressed envelope is sent together with the signed application. Those who want the transfer certificate must bring the parent, as their signature also is necessary.

Good Manners and Behaviour

St. Antony's College of Arts and Science for Women being a community of partnership of the staff, students and management, tending towards a common goal, life in the campus must be inspired by unity, mutual trust and co-operation between these partners. Still a few points should be kept in mind.

  • Every student should conform to the rules and regulations relating to attendance, library, college fees, examinations and tests, Hostel inmates must obey the hostel rules and regulations.

  • Students are not allowed to stand about or walk along the verandahs of the college, particularly in the ground floor, during class hours.

  • Students are not allowed to eat their midday meals in classrooms; they must go to the places allotted for this purpose.

  • Strict silence must be observed during class hours in the class rooms.

  • St. Antony's students are expected to be gentle by being courteous to all.

  • When a lecturer or any other member of the staff enters a class, the students must stand up and should not sit down until she invites them to do so or she herself takes the seat. They should likewise stand up when she leaves the class.

  • No student should leave the class room during a lecture without permission of the lecturer.

  • College property and furniture should be handled with care and anyone who damages them will be held liable to pay for the damage caused. Stealing of college property or the belongings of the others constitutes a serious offence and immediate sanction will be imposed.

  • Cycles, Scooters, etc., should be left in the cycle stand and not anywhere in the campus.

  • No student who has been convicted of any offence will be allowed to continue her studies in the college.

  • Under the educational rules of the Tamil Nadu Government the Principal has full power to inflict the following punishment: fine, loss of term certificate, suspension and expulsion from the college, if any student is guilty of rudeness of behavior and gross breach of conduct rules.

  • Students should not indulge in any activity leading to disruption of peace and discipline and dislocation of normal work in the college and hostel premises. Those who are guilty of violation of this rule will be severely dealt with

  • Ragging of any kind is strictly forbidden; anyone who is guilty of ragging will be summarily and severely punished.

  • Students who are guilty of (i) rude language towards the staff of the college or hostel; (ii) assault or attempt to assault staff or fellow students of the college or hostel will be expelled from the institution.

  • Students are expected to dress neatly with either traditional or modern costumes. However Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirts, Tight sleeveless banyans, midi's and miniskirts are not allowed.

  • Students will be issued identity cards and they should wear it always when they come to the college.

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