UG ADMISSION 2023-24 D - Day | 30-11-2023




  • To provide women skill sets so they can take up tailoring/sewing as a profession in order to help improve their and their family's financial situation.

  • Encouraging women to develop entrepreneurial skills, which in turn, would make them self-dependent

  • To empower the women and equip them with tools to become self-reliant through stitching and tailoring skill up gradation program.


  • The main objective of this tailoring training program is to enhance the quality of life of women and teenage girls through enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

  • They needed to learn newer vocational skills such as tailoring (sewing) which can help them earn more income and become economically self-sufficient and independent.

  • This will alleviate poverty, help them support their family needs without being dependent of husband and parents.

  • We want to provide valuable skills which would help these women come out of poverty.

  • Enhance entrepreneurial skills and tailoring skills.

  • Increase production and marketing of high quality garments.

  • Empowerment of the Youth to conduct more profitable marketing of garments.

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